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Finally on Flight Rising and now all I want to do is draw everyone’s pretty dragons, augh!

We need a Shazam for voice actors.

Okay, this is the sort of greyhound racing I would watch.

Someone on r/snakes posted a picture of a Scoria they just acquired. I haven’t seen any recent news about that morph so I almost want to call shenanigans, but dear god I am jealous.

Auuugh, he also has a sun dragon.

Reposting this since my monitor is wonky and the first one was darker than it should have been.

Sloooowly getting there. I fell in love with kisskicker’s dramatic lighting, so I had to do my slipshod attempt at it lol. Still a WIP, but I like how it’s coming around.

WIP playing around with lighting and stoney dragon designs.

Throwing money at this for sure!

Not snakes, but my dogs Bishop and Tungsten are pretty handsome too.



Baby Crow.


Secret knowledge: actually am very serious! Made out of maybe fluff? Maybe not!

*sigh* this is a rail chick, not a crow.

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