Someone spotted a 25-foot basking shark in Puget Sound and I got excited so I doodled some. Basking sharks are the best.

Meh, didn’t want to mess with it anymore, so I’m calling it good for now. I’ll probably start doodling more dragons for commission examples this week. I’m so dirt poor in this game because I keep buying random dragons :P.

Yay! ConstrictorsNW is taking orders again!

I was drawing snakes, but then my hand slipped and I ended up drawing one of my ridgebacks instead. WIP for now, I have a lot of corrections to make, but my hand is dead.

I had no idea Petco was selling GTP neonates. Christ, that just makes me sad.

Uhg, my kingdom for a gold blush mojave! I’ve yet to even see one in person, let alone a decent one for sale. The ones I’ve seen marked gold blush were really dull and meh. Ah well, Kyril’s parents were dark contrasty mojaves and ED-E’s colors are coming along nicely. That girl’s head is still really dark and she’s at 3 years now.

I really need to learn how to handle my camera. I want to post some photos of everyone, but this house is a fluorescent dungeon. :c

Wait, I should just draw everyone’s snakes!

I’ve only been able to work on art for school for the past few months. Now I have enough free time work on my own stuff, but I’m going through some idea constipation. Someone tell me what to draw! *sobs*

*heavy breathing*

I still want a boaconda. :(
Oh I know! The markings are killer and their faces are so cute.

Dat snoot.