Just a quick crappy picture of the new little noodle. We decided to name him Voxel and he is the tiniest little baby! Mike is already smitten with him. Muahaha!

We also got a free pack of pinkies to go along with him. Ahhh, I love Glacier Rodents.

Make sure you have a super good set up for the corny, I’d hate for you to lose one like I did )):
Ah man, yeah we talked about that too. My kingsnake escaped in the same situation and I still can’t figure out how he did it, but now I keep his tub in the rack so no jailbreaks yet. We’ll be keeping this little noodle in a temporary quarantine tub (with industrial velcro) in our room and then he will either be in the rack or in his own cage (probably a proline). 

I’m sad you lost your beb. If I produce anything next year (probably leucistic ball pythons) I will totally toss a baby your way if you like. Though, you should totally go to the next reptile expo and check out the bloods. They’re so fatty fat fatty, I want all of them.

Looks like we’ll be picking up our little corn snek on Thursday. Mike has been looking through all the different morphs, learning proper husbandry, figuring out enclosure ideas, and going through a list of possible names. I also taught him how to do the zombie rat dance and he learned how to feed Kyril and Dracarys.

He will be assimilated.

Looks like I’m taking in a new animal after all! Glacier Rodents always has a raffle at the expos to win a corn snake and some feeders and it sounds like my boyfriend won the little babu! It’s funny because he’s slowly been drawn into my hobby, enjoying  the expos and learning about my animals. Yesterday he was even talking about getting a hoggie or corn someday. Looks like the snake fates have hooked him. Good thing I already have a Q tub set up. I’ll have pictures once we pick up the little bugger. :P

So while we were at the expo we walked by a mom helping her kids pick out a snake and I overheard this.

Mom: “Okay, let’s go give daddy nightmares!”

Kids: *in unison* “Yaaaaay!”

I managed to walk away without any animals. It was a close call since I found some nice clowns, but they didn’t quite have the pattern I was looking for. Also almost caved on some albino hoggies and Dodoma flame sand boas *le sigh*.

I did manage to get some really nice hemostats and picked up my feeders from glacier rodents. I also (finally) joined the northwest herpetological society and opted to be a foster herp parent. The next meeting is on the 19th and will be a tegu talk, yay.

Reptile expo tomorrow! Let’s see if I can manage to NOT bring home an animal this time. :’D

You should’ve seen Tannery’s suntec at NARBC, that thing glowed! Also I support your motleytec acquisition need LOL.

Ah man, I just saw that suntec on Kingsnake! It must have looked amazing in person. Damn, life was so much easier when I wasn’t aware of boa morphs.

Noooo! Finding motley aztecs on Fauna and Kingsnake is breaking my heart. I don’t really want to get more animals this year unless they’re for breeding, but it’s so tempting. Really though, I need to finish building the new rack design, grab another Proline, and figure out which incubator I want.

Watch, I’ll just end up getting animals so I can make my own motleytecs just so I can have a pile of them to myself. I can’t even explain why I like them so much, but augh, I do! Aztecs in general are on my “get” list.



Several months ago I put a down payment on a jungle carpet python, and today the breeder called me up with info and photos.

Here’s the little guy I’ve picked out!

I didn’t think i’d end up with a zebra jungle carpet… but I really loved this guys patterning.

The breeder I’m getting him from, Nick Mutton, is as professional as they come. He’s talked to me multiple times over the phone, and his passion for these animals is practically tangible. He’ll show you the photographic family lineage for each snake, going back several generations, so you KNOW what you’re getting. Pure lines. Beautiful colors. 

I cannot wait to watch my little guy grow up. I plan on taking regular photos of him to document the color changes.

Your kiddo is a full sibling (different clutch) to my older boy, Dante!  ^_^

Oh! And a full sib to my Meraxes!