I still want a boaconda. :(
Oh I know! The markings are killer and their faces are so cute.

Dat snoot.

I know hybrids are sometimes frowned upon, but carpondros are so goddamn pretty.

Sometimes I look at the leopard ball pythons on the market and catch myself regretting what I paid for Ijada compared to the prices now. Then I remember that I still haven’t found a leopard on the market as nice as her and I kick myself for huffing over price vs quality. Ijada is a damn fine lady in my opinion and now I think I’m going to take some photos of her. 

I love that my massage therapist has a degree in zoology and likes to talk about reptiles. I got a “happy herping!” before leaving my last session, ahhhh. <3








"Danielle Susan Ruger", set this tortoise on fire and then threw him all over the street.
I don’t have much information on it, but that one of her friend’s on Facebook saved this horrendous video to his phone before she deleted off of Facebook. Apparently, she’s from/located in Orange Park.
Please, if you can in any way, report this person right away!
She needs to pay for torturing this poor animal now.


OMFG THIS BITCH LIVES IN MY CITY? FUCK THIS. How old is this post?! All I can think about is what happened to the poor baby after this shit. jeesus this person needs to be locked up, least of things. Is that a bowl of water in the first photo!? Then set on fire!? FUCK my night.

To my understanding, this all happened yesterday.
Her and her friend attend Ridgeview high school.
Please report “Danielle Susan Ruger” and “Faith Hope”!

This will no be over with till they pay for what they did to that poor animal, I assure you of that.

As soon as I figure out where to report them. I will.

Report them to your local animal control or wildlife welfare organization, you can also go straight to your county’s local police station. You can tell them you have video evidence and screenshots of them discussing it on FaceBook under their real names and then forward that information to the police. You can do this anonymously, but it may make prosecution harder (Though if you’re just reporting them from social media sites, it is probably best to stay anonymous.). I did a quick google and I’m assuming you are in Clay county? If so you can call Clay County Animal Care & Control at 904-269-6342.

This has been making me so fucking angry this morning. Fucking shitty teenagers.

Fucking hell, what is WRONG with people?! I really hope they catch these girls.

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My funny little guy <3

Gah, I love your photos! I need to get Meraxes outside to show off her yellows now.


A hypo Eclipse (salmon hypo motley leopard) boa produced just last month by Keven Blumenthal of Bluman Boas.  The first image is right after it was born, the second is after it’s first shed.

This animal…my eyes burn. I need a pile of these, plz.



My life.

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Had to take this shot of Hassadar on Prince Stabbyfeet. Tried to make a chua that looked a bit like my hyenadile character and got fairly close. I wish they had a hyena ear option. :P

He’s such a smug asshole, I love him.

Just found out that there was an episode of Grimm with an aswang in it. I have to watch the show now. I grew up with stories about shit like the aswang, manananggal, and the White Lady. More people need to know how fucked up Filipino cryptids are. Though, the tikbalang is just hilarious.